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While not often touted as a wine-rich country, another one of Switzerland’s hidden qualities is its high-quality wine production. Annual production regularly hits 200 million bottles, and Switzerland’s low export rates (less than 1 percent) ensure that guests will be tasting many of the wines for the first time. Because Ticino’s vine growing is dominated by Merlot, nearly every village has its own brand of Merlot del Ticino. One of the best ways to explore the small hidden vineyards that dot the Ticino landscape is to take a tour of the “Wine Roads.”





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Golfing in the Ticino region of Switzerland is unparalleled. With its unique mix of parkland courses and distinct Mediterranean flavor, both novice and expert golfers alike find that the beauty from tee to green cannot be matched. While many courses exist in the region, the following three public courses are the most convenient in terms of price and location.


With the Lago Magiorre and the Swiss Alps serving as backdrops, the Golf Club Patriziale Ascona features a spectacular 18-hole course for novices or professionals. Located just 5 km west of Locarno and 3km from the Conference Center, guests will be hard-pressed to find a course with better views or atmosphere. Tee times can be booked in any hotel lobby or by calling the course directly.


Golf Gerre Losone is a treat for any golfer accustomed to playing the traditional Parkland Courses of Northern Europe or the United States. Distinct due to its Mediterranean character, this course is a challenge for even the most seasoned golfers. Tee times can be booked by contacting the pro shop or through the hotel lobby.


The Golf Club of Lugano, located roughly 30 minutes from Ascona by car, is another difficult Parkland course. Rich with mature trees and pesky water hazards, it is one of the most popular courses in the region. Tee times should be reserved at least 1 week in advance and can be booked in the pro shop or through the hotel’s front desk.



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Biking in the Ticino Region is a scenic must, and also one of the easiest family outings to plan. Bikes can be rented from Rent-A-Bike (www.rentabike.ch) or through most hotels in the area. Be it a family-friendly ride through the winding streets of old town Borgo or a challenging ride into the mountains, guests can find a bike and a trail for all levels and tastes. Bilingual route maps can be found at most hotels or bike rental shops or in the local tourist office; in addition, routes are well posted along the way and feature many pit stops for drinking, eating, and sight-seeing.





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Hiking in the Ticino region is a beautiful experience and also a family-friendly activity. Hikes can be planned from the center of Ascona or directly from Monte Veritá where the Conference Center is located. Trail maps can be found at most hotels or at the nearest Ascona Tourist office. Most trails are well marked and maintained and can be used in conjunction with chairlifts, gondolas, and cable cars, allowing guests to reach remote trails and restaurants. More information on hiking routes, maps, and transportation can be found at: