Scope and topics

In the United States, more than 1.3 million people are harmed every year by medical treatments that are intended to help them. More than two thirds of these events result from preventable human error. Studies in Europe and Australia have recorded similar results, suggesting that medical errors are an international epidemiology.


The COME Conference will be the first of its kind in Europe:

  1. It offers the full picture of Medical Error communication covering all stages of the process (prevention, identification, analysis, reporting, correction and disclosure of medical errors);
  2. It is international and interdisciplinary. International well-recognized experts and scholars from a variety of academic disciplines will be gathered to share their latest research on medical errors; and
  3. It is a scientific conference which will offer a unique platform to disseminate latest findings and establish a global, interdisciplinary roadmap for future research on the role of communication in the pre- and post-hoc of medical errors.